Children's Village

General Projects

Why are these projects needed?

General projects are conducted in order to run Rehoboth smoothly and keep the village fully equipped, safe and sound.

How will we achieve our goals

Some of these projects are outsourced to contractors, others are done by the support staff of Rehoboth themselves. Some projects require installations, others just buying the required items and putting the items in the houses.

What is needed?

See here the list of what is needed.

Item Price in ZAR

Project 1: Installation of new fences, gates, fixing existing ones and making an extra parking area 20000 R
Project 2: Installation of a gate motor & supply of electricity to the gate 7500 R
Project 3: Buy additional school desks and chairs 7500 R
Project 4: Upgrade of Furniture & Fittings for the Houses 30000 R
Project 5: New Bedding and Linnen 10000 R
Project 6: New Tools for the Repairs & Maintenance Department 10000 R