Children's Village

Building Projects

Why are these projects needed?

Several repairs and building projects are lined up for this year. These are needed to make sure quality care can be provided to our precious children in a safe and healthy environment.

How will we achieve our goals

The different projects have been split up in smaller projects to ensure they can be planned and executed spread over the duration of the year.

What is needed?

We are asking donors to consider which project they would like to sponsor.

Item Price in ZAR

Project 1: Repairs to the concrete stairs near swimming pool 1000 R
Project 2: Concrete the whole inside drive road of Rehoboth 5000 R
Project 3: Repair the walking paths of Rehoboth 3500 R
Project 4: Concrete aprons around several buildings to avoid water damage 10000 R
Project 5: Concrete apron around the sportsfield multicourt 10000 R
Project 6: Repairs and maintenance to Rehoboth's existing buildings 40000 R
Project 7: Building a verandah covering for the office 15000 R