Children's Village

Details of sponsoring a children’s house

The story of one of our girls in a children's house

Intombazana (pseudonym name) is a bubbly, outgoing, giggly nine-year-old girl. Intombazana came to us when she was thirteen months old. She was admitted to the hospital along with her mother when she was seven months old as they were both suffering from HIV/AIDS. Shortly after being admitted to the hospital, Intombazana’s mother passed away. No family or friends came to the hospital for Intombazana. She remained, orphaned and abandoned, at the hospital for six months before being placed with Rehoboth. When Rehoboth received Intombazana, even as a one-year-old, she seemed hopeless. She would not smile, laugh, or attempt to communicate. After two months at Rehoboth the staff finally saw her first smile. Little by little Intombazana began to smile and laugh. It was as if she was a flower finally blossoming to life. She is now our most outgoing and positive child here at Rehoboth.

*Many of our children come from a very similar background story as Intombazana.*

Why is your support needed?

Unfortunately - even with our self-sustainability projects - we have a shortfall between the government grant provided for each child and the actual cost of caring for a child.

Your monthly donation will:

- Provide you with regular updates from your sponsored children's house.
- Allow you to play a real part in the growth, development and education of the children.
- Give children stricken with HIV a life and a future!
- Empower children and make a real difference in their future and their impact on the development of South Africa.
- House sponsorship is blessing you personally! Many have said that it is one of the most rewarding things they've ever done.

What is needed?

We need on-going support for our children. Please consider giving monthly (any amount towards filling the gap is appreciated and a true blessing) so that you can give children a family and a future!

Conversion rates: check for the latest conversion rates.

Need Price in ZAR

Total cost per child - per month 8250 R
Governent grant per child - per month -4000 R
Funding gap per child - per month 4250 R