Children's Village

Irrigation System for the Macadamia Orchard

Why is this project needed?

We are so thankful for the provision of 750 macadamia trees on our property. In 2016 we should receive our greatest harvest to date as the trees are reaching maturity. In order to maintain our orchard and ensure it produces the best crop year after year we need to install a proper irrigation system. After the installation of the irrigation system the return on investment should only take two years due to efficient watering and a better yield of nuts.

How will we achieve our goals

Our maintenance team will be responsible for the installation of the irrigation system, unless there is a team interested in installing the system once it is purchased. The labour will be done either by volunteers or our team to reduce the cost of the project.

What is needed?

We plan to use our own staff and labor to install the irrigation system or we would welcome the opportunity to have a team come and provide the labor for this project.

Item Price in ZAR

Irrigation Equipment 50,000 R