Children's Village

Chapel/Church On-site at Rehoboth

Why is this project needed?

God has been pressing upon our hearts to build a church on-site. We believe it would be a great opportunity to worship together and give God the glory for the great things He has done and continues to do at Rehoboth Children's Village. It is our hope that this church would be a wonderful place to hold weekly church services, devotions, memorials, weddings, and other large fellowship gatherings. We would like for the church to serve as a place for us to gather as one community to really honor our Heavenly Father.

How will we achieve our goals

We have a 120m2 meter footprint to build the chapel. We are praying that God would build the church from the ground up starting with the foundation, to the walls, windows, doors, and roof. We wait in great anticipation to see the church on-site become a reality and to praise Him as one body.

What is needed?

Please pray alongside of us for all the pieces of this church to be provided and for it to become reality here on-site.

We are asking that donors consider what part of the building they would like to provide:

Item Price in ZAR

Foundation & Floor 104052 R
Walls, Windows, & Doors 145550 R
Roof 91170 R
Floor Finishes 34125 R
Internal Wall Finishes 20385 R
Ceilings and Soffits 43200 R
Electrical Installation 24741 R
Site Clearance 5000 R
Preliminaries 34193 R