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The story of one of our boys

Umfana is currently a thriving six-year-old boy. Unfortunately, life for Umfana did not start so easily. His mother passed shortly after childbirth. Umfana's father visited him a couple times at the hospital but eventually abandoned him and never returned for his son. Umfana spent the first six months in the hospital fighting for his life as he suffered from tuberculosis and HIV. Umfana arrived at Rehoboth as a tiny six-month-old only weighing 2.2kg. His birth weight was 2.1kg. Through proper medical care and good nutrition Umfana began gaining weight day-by-day and developed into a healthy, energetic six-year-old.

*Many of our children come from a very similar background story as Umfana.*

Why is your support needed?

Unfortunately, even with our self-sustainability projects, we have a short fall between the government grant provided to each child and the actual cost of caring for a child.

Your monthly donation will:

- Provide you with regular updates from your sponsored child.
- Allow you to play a real part in the growth, development, and education of the child.
- Give a child stricken with HIV a life and a future!
- Empower your child and make a difference in their future and their impact on the development of South Africa.
- Bless you as well! Many people have said that it is one of the most rewarding things they've ever done.

What is needed?

We need continual on-going support for our children. Please consider giving monthly so that you can give a child a family and a future!

Need Price in ZAR

Food, Clothing, & Shelter - Per Month 515 R
Schooling - Per Month 400 R
Housemother & Staffing Costs - Per Month 663 R