Children's Village

Self-Sustainable Projects – Jireh Trust

Self-sustainable projects help Rehoboth not only towards running the day-to-day programs, but also to expand its services and quality care and create platforms for the teenagers of Rehoboth to gain work experience. These projects run under the Jireh Trust, a trust specifically setup by Rehoboth to generate income for the Rehoboth Children's Village.

Currently Rehoboth has the following self-sustainability projects:

  • Water Bottling Plant: Flourish Spring Water was created to provide income to Rehoboth Children’s Village as well as provide work experience for our teenagers before leaving Rehoboth. We believe that by providing work experience for our children we give them a better start when applying for jobs after they graduate out of Rehoboth. We currently sell water along the South Coast and would love to be your water provider. For more information please visit our website:
  • Macadamia Trees: In 2005 around 750 macadamia trees were planted and the trees are now overseen by one of the local farmers to increase the yield
  • Guest Accommodation: Rehoboth established a wonderful guest accommodation by renovating an existing farm building in 2019. The view from the accommodation is breath-taking and we are thrilled to offer it as a place to stay for overseas visitors and holidaymakers.