Children's Village

Organizational Structure

Rehoboth is a Christian Interdenominational Charity organization. The Rehoboth Trust (IT 2120/97) administers the Rehoboth project and is a South African registered Non-Profit Organisation (12-129 NPO). Rehoboth has a section 18a-status. This means that donors from South Africa can claim a certain amount of their taxes back from the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of four local South Africans. The daily responsibilities lie in the hands of the Management Team, which is accountable to the Trust. The Trust holds final responsibility for Rehoboth towards its stakeholders. Rehoboth welcomes the sending of volunteers by missionary organizations to assist in daily operations.


The following organizations have given their support and approval: Housing Department KwaZulu-Natal, Hibiscus Coast Municipality, Murchison Hospital, Port Shepstone General Hospital, Child & Family Care Society (the welfare department in Port Shepstone), the Commissioner for Child Welfare at the Magistrate's Office (the government welfare department in Pietermaritzburg), Norwegian Settlers Church and CINDI - a network of organizations working for children in distress.

Rehoboth's Organogram