Children's Village

Mission and vision

Rehoboth Children's Village cares for children that are either abandoned or orphaned and affected or infected by HIV/AIDS. Children are raised in a safe and loving home environment where their health is stabilized and monitored. Our vision is to grow children into role models for the future generation. As a fountain spurts out drops of water, so Rehoboth raises children and releases them into the world; as they land, each drop creates a ripple effect into its surroundings. By saving one life, we can influence the nation!


Caring for orphaned and abandoned children living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and raising them into mature role models.

Mission Statement

To create comprehensive care and supporting facilities (children's village) for a group of children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS who cannot be cared for within the community. The children's village provides a home-like environment with intensive care in a 5-way holistic approach: 1) spiritual, 2) emotional, 3) educational, 4) physical and 5) medical.


The objective is to provide love and care for children who have been orphaned or abandoned and cannot be placed with family, or being fostered or being adopted. The number of HIV positive children being abandoned, with no one to care for them, is reaching alarming proportions. Instead of the hospital being their home, Rehoboth provides individual family homes to care for the children. Rehoboth has been registered for 80 children with the Department of Social Development and has specially designed homes with five children each. Also in Port Shepstone, Rehoboth has two boys grow up houses for the older teenage boys.

Primary care process