Children's Village

5-way Holistic Approach

Rehoboth's Child's Care has an integrated five-way holistic approach. The focus is on individual care for each child as every child is unique and has a different set of needs. Children are raised in family homes with a local housemother who cares for five children per house. The moms care for the children as if they are their very own, giving an orphan a new loving family.


Our children receive quality medical support and regular check-ups. Our clinic is supported by the Murchison hospital, which runs the ART-program (Anti–Retroviral Treatment) for our children on-site.


Morning devotions are part of everyday life. Bible studies are held for staff on a regular basis and our children in pre-primary crèche have additional devotions. The primary schools, which the children attend, are also Christian-based. The children receive daily prayer and are taught how to pray. The housemothers are encouraged to raise the children on Biblical principles.


Children are encouraged to be physically active. Options include swimming (Rehoboth has a pool on-site), dancing (lessons), soccer, pony-riding, beach outings, mountain biking, and supervised play on our own multi-sportsfield and jungle gyms.


Many children arrive at Rehoboth highly traumatized. We identify their needs and provide appropriate therapies, which include: psychotherapy, play therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy. Other therapists if needed can be called for assistance to uncover some of the emotional hurts and needs of our often traumatized children.


We run an early childhood development program in the form of a baby and pre-primary crèche to prepare the children going to primary school. In addition we provide schooling on-site from grade R into high school. Some children go to different schools in town. Our own transport takes these children to the different schools. Our education system is tailor-made to each child in order to make the right fit regarding his or her educational path so that he or she may reach his or her full potential.